June 18, 2018

My Whole Truth

I know I should say something. About my face or about what really happened. I should do it right now, while we’re alone and so much has already been revealed. But I can’t.

My Whole Truth takes us on a journey with trauma survivor Seelie Stanton. After being attacked, Seelie contends with disfiguring injuries and post-traumatic stress. She also has to deal with some classic YA struggles such as a selfish mom who doesn’t understand her at all and fissures within her closest friendships. On top of all of this, Seelie faces a possible conviction and life-sentence for the murder of her attacker. The guilt Seelie grapples with makes her a sympathetic and realistic character who you can’t help but cheer on.

One of the best aspects of the storyline are Seelie’s relationships. Seelie desperately needs her friends and family to help her through this tragedy, but these bonds are constantly put to the test. She and her mother have never seen eye to eye but her mother fails to support her even during the most difficult point of her life. She and one of her closest friends have an unrequited love that hangs in the balance while another member of their friendship circle may have had a hand in events leading up to the attack.

This novel’s plot is well paced as Seelie’s “whole truth” unfolds. There is an element of suspense and urgency as Seelie’s prolonged secrecy affects not only court proceedings and relationships with the people she loves, but also impedes her own recovery.